Zoom individual pads of a canvas in a GUI


I want to be able to zoom individual pads to see objects in individual pads better.
When it is just a single canvas no sub psds, i.e. only one figure instead of 6, I use the
ProcessedEvent(Int_t event,Int_t ix, Int_t iy, TObject* selected) of the TCanvas, where
using ix and and iy of kButton1Down and kButton1Up and the c->GetRange(x_0, y_0, x_1, y_1), the frame range is modified accordingly.

However I am not sure what is the best way of doing this with multiple pads.
For example in this plot I divided the canvas into 6 pads, but then realized that
pad doesn’t have “ProcessedEvent” method.

Could you advise, if I should necessarily make a separate embedded canvas for each figure (which I want to avoid), or somehow I can do the “Zoom” using the pad.

In this figure drawn objects are TArc and TLine.

ROOT Version: 6.16/00
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: gcc 7.5.0

The expert on this is @couet, but he will probably be quite busy the next few days.

In the mean time, I would try to zoom the histogram that’s displayed on the pad in question. Something like


Maybe you have to tell the pad that it has been modified after the zooming of the axis using thePad->Modified();

Thank you @StephanH for the replay,

It is actually just a frame, not histogram nor graph.
I just draw TArc and TLine on it.

Though my issue is, how to get coordinates in the local pad frame.
from ProcessedEvent method of the canvas I can get coordinates in the global canvas,
frame, but not of the pad on which that mouse operated.

Ok, we better wait for @couet to have a look at this.

Thanks @StephanH !!, sure No rush.

I do not understand why you need to use ProcessedEvent to perform zooming.
Interactive Zooming is already implemented … there is no code to write … just zoom with the mouse.
I guess you are doing something special. Can you provide a piece of code reproducing what you are doing ?

Thank you for the replay.

I just uploaded a slightly modified version of exec3.C from the root tutorials.
So on the right pad I draw a frame, and on that frame I draw to TArcs.
In my case the mouse zoom doesn’t work. It will work if I zoom individual axises separately, when I hover the mouse in the vicinity of axises, but what I want is to zoom, like how it is done in TH2

exec3_Rafo.C (1.3 KB)

DrawFrame produces and empty TH1F… You need a TH2F. Instead of using DrawFrame create an empty TH2F and Draw it.

Thank you!

Yes With TH2 it worked!
This mostly satisfies my needs.

Ont thing that I was envisioning is to keep the aspect ratio fixed, even, if user mouse zoom is changing the AR, I would like it keep the aspect ratio using the largest side.
Is any option is available, that would allow me to do this?


great !

No, not directly. You will need to implement something.

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