Z-axis of TH2 disappears when moved

When I draw a 2D histogram with a palette, either in a TBrowser or in a separate canvas, as soon as I try to move it around, it disappears/becomes translucent. The same thing happens when I try moving it with a mouse or when typing commands to move it around. It even happens when I try to move the stat box or zoom in on the histogram. Any tips on why this occurs?

ROOT Version: 6.12/06
Platform: macOS 10.13.6
Compiler: Not Provided

What you describe looks really weird . Do you have some example macro reproducing this effect ? I just tried on my Mac: I can move around the palette and stat box without problem. They don’t disappear.

I realized that the problem appears only when I have ‘hist colz’ as options. The hist option was left there by accident and that’s what was causing it. Sorry for the noise.

OK. I see it too. I am not sure why this combination does that. Anyway that’s is not a meaningful combination.

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