Yield of Constant Background Re-Scaled Post-Fit


To familiarize myself with RooFit I wrote up a simple Signal+Background model. In the workspace I define a scaling parameter for the signal and then let the background remain constant. When I check the yield of the background pre-fit it is exactly what I expect but the post-fit the yield has varied. Can anyone provide any information on how to keep my constant sample constant?

Sample code setting up the workspace after I randomly generate a signal and background sample:

  TRooWorkspace* w = new TRooWorkspace("1","2");

  ws->addChannel("Region 1","Region 1","x");


  TRooAbsH1Fillable* sigWS = ws->sample("Signal","Region 1");
  TRooAbsH1Fillable* bkgWS = ws->sample("Background","Region 1");

  for(int i = 0; i <= data->GetNbinsX()+1; i++)

ws->Fill("Region 1",data->GetBinCenter(i),generator->Poisson(sigWS->GetBinContent(i))+generator->Poisson(bkgWS->GetBinContent(i)));

  RooRealVar* p = ws->addParameter("muSig","muSig",1,0.0,10);


Hi, welcome to the ROOT forum! Your question seems related to TRooFit, which is not part of ROOT but an extension of RooFit developed by Will Buttinger:

We can try to ping @will_cern here and invite him to answer this question, or you can try to reach out to him with other means.

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll wait and see if Will responds.

If you can put your workspace somewhere I can confirm what I suspect is going on, but I my guess is that this is because MC-statistical uncertainties - if you removed the BinErrors (MC stat uncertainties) does it stay fixed? The bin errors in each sample contribute towards the definition of a set of nuisance parameters we tend to call the “MC statistical gamma factors” which are just a set of multiplicative factors, one for each bin. But by convention these are shared across all the samples in the channel (so avoid having nBins*nSamples parameters for stat uncertainties, just having nBins parameters). Because of this sharing, removing the BinError on the bkg wont be enough - if any samples in the channel have an mc-stat uncert they will all get the factors, I believe.

There are ways to get around this so that the factors aren’t shared. But I wont detail that unless you decide on the above information that is what you need. If you were just surprised to see the yield shift post-fit then I hope realising the effect of the MC-stat uncert explains it for you? And having your workspace would confirm it too if you want me to double-check…

Hi Will,

Thanks for your response, I believed it was to do with the MC stat uncertainties. I was a little shocked to see that the yield was allowed to vary within the uncertainty since I figured the fit would only fluctuate the MC I want to scale when fitting to my pseudo-dataset. When I remove the error on the bkg the yields are the same pre and post fit.

I’ve moved a sample workspace here if you would like to look.


What would be the workaround?

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