XYZVector leafs not plotable in TBrowser

Hi All,
I have a TTree with a branch that is a vector of structs, where the struct contains an XYZVector (GenVector). If I open a TFile with that TTree

using TBrowser and navigate down to that leaf, its member functions are listed but are unplotable (have a red slash through them):

However, if I run root interactively I can plot that leafs member functions:
root [1] n = (TTree*)TrkAnaNeg->Get(“trkana”)
(TTree *) @0x7ffee3ea26d0
root [2] n->Draw(“demcent._mom.Rho()”); produces

Does anyone know how to configure TBrowser so it can plot those leafs?

_ROOT Version:v6.24/06

I do not see the same thing with the new TBrowser:

May be @bellenot has an explanation.

This has been fixed in the master. I.e. the class methods are not displayed anymore. See the related change: Fix Jira #ROOT-9260 · root-project/root@56cfece · GitHub

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