X11 fowarding

X11 fowarding only works in X-win32.
I use a windows10 machine and X11 fowarding doesnt work in VsCode, or in Ubuntu, or in commandpromt. X-win32 is slow on the other hand, so I want to change for any other platform, but none of them works. How can I solve it?

Sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for. you can try any other platform, like for example Ubuntu, Fedora, Alma, CentOS… And you can try another X11 server, like for example vcXsrv

I’m connecting to the cern servers via ssh-ing from XWin-32 on that platform X11 fowarding works flawlessly, but when I try ssh-ing from any different platform X11 fowarding does not work.

Did you specify the options “-X -Y” when you ssh ?

Yes I did. And I enabled X11 forwading on my machine as well