Wrong colors in Legend

I try to make a plot with 7 different graphs.
I want each graph to have a different color, and
I want the Legend to display the same color as the
graph, however all my legend indicates the graph is black,
this makes it impossible to use the legend to identify the individual graphs.

That atttached tarball reproduces the problem.
lut-test.tar (599 KB)

I cannot untar your file. I get the following message:

I dont have any troubles untar this file ( just tried ).
What command do you use ?

tar xvf lut-test.tar …
It usually works …

It works for me, anyway I just upload the untared files
ltu-emcal-t00.0-dt0.0-ped0.0-dped0.5.root (299 KB)
ltu-emcal-t00.1-dt0.1-ped0.0-dped0.0.root (271 KB)
ltu-emcal-t00.0-dt0.0-ped0.0-dped0.0.root (269 KB)
ltu-emcal-t00.5-dt0.5-ped0.0-dped0.0.root (275 KB)
ltu-emcal-t00.5-dt0.5-ped0.0-dped0.5.root (300 KB)
plotlut.C (3.73 KB)

Thanks. But it seems there is some missing files. I get:


Then I get two canvases: one with a plot on it and an empty one. But no legends.

Hmm, seems to be limit ion the number of file I can upload at once.
A attach the missing two files.
ltu-emcal-t00.5-dt0.1-ped0.0-dped0.1.root (261 KB)
ltu-emcal-t00.0-dt0.0-ped0.0-dped0.1.root (274 KB)

You added the wrong objects in the legend. You should do:

  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][0]->GetFunction("f00"),"Theory 0","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][1]->GetFunction("f01"),"Theory 1","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][2]->GetFunction("f02"),"Theory 2","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][3]->GetFunction("f03"),"Theory 3","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][4]->GetFunction("f04"),"Theory 4","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][5]->GetFunction("f05"),"Theory 5","l");
  leg->AddEntry(histos[0][6]->GetFunction("f06"),"Theory 6","l");