Writing and reading a integral object


I am trying to write the integral of a pdf in a workspace. It seems to work for some pdfs, but not for others. Attached is an example to illustrate my problem :

root.exe -b -q mini.C

produces a ws that contains the integral of a polynomial and of some other pdf.

root.exe rmini.C

reads it again, and try to Print the integral objects. It is OK for ib but not for is, that makes the code crash :

RooRealIntegral::is[ Int fs_Norm(mgg) dAna ] = [#0] ERROR:InputArguments – RooAddPdf::analyticalIntegral(fs): ERROR unrecognized integration code, 1
Assertion failed: (0), function analyticalIntegralWN, file /Users/bellenot/ROOT/x86_64-mac106-gcc42-opt/root/roofit/roofitcore/src/RooAddPdf.cxx, line 983.
Abort trap

I am running on mac os 10.6, with root v5.34.03. What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

rmini.C (78 Bytes)
mini.C (1.09 KB)

Adding a precision : in this example, if I do :


then everything is fine.

Thanks again for the help,