Writing a graph with a scroll bar

Hey, I’m going to be using ROOT soon to analyze the results of magnetic measurements of a 4800’ mine shaft. Since I’m getting a reading for every inch of it, any graph that can fit on my laptop screen will be hopelessly scrunched and I wont get anything useful out of it. How can I make a graph with a set number of independant coordinates per window that I can scroll through?

Could you clarify your request? Do you want to scroll each graph or the windows?
May be what you need is a simple TH2 or TGraph2D. If it is a simple TGraph, you can zoom/scroll the x axis with the mouse. see also $ROOTSYS/tutorials/graphs/seism.C


May be that’s not what you are looking for, but you can get scroll bars on a canvas doing:

root [0] TCanvas C("C","C",600,500)
root [1] C.SetCanvasSize(10000,500)

This allows you to have a very wide canvas you can scroll.