Workaround for offline installation problems with LZ4

I’m trying to install root 6.12/06 on an offline Debian 8.1 machine using cmake 3.11, but encounter the same problem with the LZ4 libary described here: ROOT 6.12/02 and LZ4. Cmake tries to download the libary and isn’t able to, stopping the installation. I’ve tried to deactivate builtin_LZ4 in CMakeCache, but the problem persists.
Until the ticket related to this issue ( is resolved, is there a workaround?

If you can, please try using the development release (6.13), or the master branch. The problem has been resolved already, but was not backported to eariler branches since it involved several changes. Cheers,

The development release 6.13 unfortunately doesn’t work without a network connection either. Cmake encounters an error at ExternalProject.cmake:3100 (_ed_add_download_command) when trying to find git for clone of clad. This looks to me as if it unsuccessfully tries to download this libary. CMakeCache contains no mention of clad, so I can’t turn the inclusion off.

Please try the master version then, that’s been fixed too (although right after the dev release was made).
Are you trying to use external LLVM?

I can’t confirm whether this works, we ended up moving the machine to connect it to a network. Thank you for your help and time!

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