WMF file format


I need to produce WMF (or EMF also fine) files, because this is somewhat the standard the lab is using for creating poster. With ROOT, I produce SVG or EPS without any problem, but when I try to convert using inkscape and uniconvertor, nothings work. One of the common error I get is “bad file descriptor”, like the EPS are not produced properly.
I tried costly software like illustrator and coreldraw, which work fine, but create a hole in the budget.
It seems a little overkill to only produce WMF.

There is a old thread about this matter on this forum suggesting pstoedit (Vector graphics for OpenOffice.org and MS-Word), but it unrealiable and tedious to use. I wonder if anyone have found a better solution since then. OpenOffice is not able to produce WMF of good quality neither; I always need to re-edit half of the picture and in the end, the quality seems bad.

Maybe the easiest solution is to convince people WMf is a bad file format and we should use SVG :slight_smile:


We do not have a requests for this format. We now support the mani standard formats:
EPS, PS, PDF, SVG. I would recommend PDF. I guess your lab using wmf for historical reasons and that you have many files in this format. These days I would recommend PDF to store documents.
Also your lab is welcome to write a wmf driver for root. :slight_smile: