Why was the development of PAW(Physics Analysis Workstation) cancelled in favor of ROOT?

Hello everyone. I am a physics student and i am preparing a presentation about ROOT. I did a lot of research, and was irritated by something. As far as i know, before ROOT was introduced, CERN used the Physics Analysis Workstation (PAW) for its data analysis, but with the coming of ROOT its development was cancelled. The question i have is: why? A few sources i found mentioned performance as a key factor, but i do not understand it entirely, why should it be slower when it is FORTRAN based? word counter 1VidMate

I hope somebody can answer me this question. Regards, Spl1nk

There was many reasons but as you said PAW and CERNLIB were in FORTRAN and the HEP comunity decided to use C++. That’s one of the main reasons. We can list many more but this answer will be too long.

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