Why ROOT changes the drawing style after scaling histogram?

I have the following code:

  TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("exp vs fit", "exp vs fit",800, 600);

  TFile *fe = new TFile("t5ph_e.root");
  TTree *te = (TTree*)fe->Get("t5ph_e");
  int scale_e = te->GetEntries();

//  TFile *fr = new TFile("inma_r.root");
//  TTree *tr = (TTree*)fr->Get("in_ma");

  TFile *fs = new TFile("t5ph_s.root");
  TTree *ts = (TTree*)fs->Get("t5ph_s");
  int scale_s = ts->GetEntries();

  TH1F *e_data = new TH1F("e_data", "e_data",1e2,0,2e3);
  te->Project("e_data", "phen_e");

  TH1F *s_data = new TH1F("s_data", "s_data",1e2,0,2e3);
  ts->Project("s_data", "phen_s");
//  TH1F *r_data = new TH1F("r_data", "r_data",1e2,0,2e3);
//  tr->Project("r_data", "omega_r**.5");
//  r_data->SetLineColor(kRed);

//  r_data->Draw("same");


And this what I get

But if I uncomment the scale lines I get this

Why ROOT changes the drawing style?

My guess is that the scale command removes the data structure holding the errors.
Add the option HIST in both Draw() commands to always get the bar chart plot.

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Thank you. It works.

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