Why my TProfile appears like a TH1 Histogram with no markers?

I have a TProfile named prof with triangle marker style (check out the attached figure below) that I have drawn using prof->Draw("e1") (with or without e1 nothing changes), but it appears like a usual 1D histogram with bars! I would expect separate points (not joined by that line).

I couldn’t figure out what is causing this strange behavior, I will appreciate any help.

Additional info: x-axis is in the units of days and binning is every 10 minutes ~ 0.00694 days.


ROOT Version: 6.14/04
Platform: Ubuntu 16.04
Compiler: g++ 5.4.0

it works for me:

   TProfile *hprof = new TProfile("hprof","hprof",10,-4,4,"");




Hi Couet,

I hadn’t encountered this problem earlier either. By the way, thanks for your prompt response, I have an update, so with the default binning (nbin = 4464, every 10 minutes over the range of 0 to 31 days) my TProfile looks like a usual TH1F like bar histogram !

If I edit this on the browser (not in my macro) and just half the binning (nbin=2232, every 20 minutes), it immediately changes and looks like a normal TProfile with separate points.

But what is really weird is that if I half the binning in my macro (nbin = 2232, every 20 minutes over 31 days) I don’t see the improvement, my TProfile is still sick, looking like a TH1 bar histogram!

Now, if I again use the browser to reduce the binning, it again changes to normal TProfile with separated points!

No idea what is going on here, please help.

Can you provide a small macro reproducing your problem ?

I have something that might help,

my original code snippet with the issues, described in my question, looked like this:

//loading a **root** file with **tree** name **Board** that has a double variable named **t_day** that contains the **time** info in **days**, it has another variable named **adc**

t1 = 0; //days
t2 = 31; //days
int tBin = (t2-t1)*24*60/10; //every 10 minutes (units of days)
double dt = 10./(60.*24.);  //bin width (10 minutes in days)
TProfile *prof = new TProfile("prof","prof", tBin, t1, t2);

for(int i = 0; i < tBin; i++)
    Time = t1 + i*dt;
    TH1F *h = new TH1F("h", "h", 100, 0, 100); 
    Board->Draw("adc>>h", Form("t_day >= %g && t_day < %g", Time, Time + dt));
    //I fit this histogram "h" and extract a parameter say "mean_h" and fill it to the TProfile "prof"

    prof->Fill(Time + dt/2., mean_h); 


Then I changed the variable “Time” that I was feeding to the TProfile, instead of filling Time + dt/2. I filled just Time and my problem was gone! Nice TProfile with separated points :grinning:

The questions naturally arises:

I am checking if the time variable of the root file, that is t_day is within my external loop time window, which is Time = t1 + i * dt and Time + 10 minutes, then using that piece of data. But while filling, of course I want to use the mean value of this time: Time + dt/2. to fill my TProfile prof, why can’t I do that? Why the lower edge that is Time works and gives me nice TProfile with separated points but becomes strange histogram looking bar diagram when I fill the mid value Time + dt/2. ?

My Guess:

Suppose my definition was:

TProfile *prof = new TProfile("prof","prof", 5, 0, 5);

In such a case, by definition, on the X-axis I have time bins:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
but I am filling the values
0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5

If ROOT Tprofiles was saving values at the middle of a bin then there shouldn’t have been any problem, but my guess is that it saves values at the beginning of the bin and not in the middle, therefore 0.5 was allocated to the value 0, 1.5 to 1 and so on… can this root behavior be the root cause of my problem?


When the TProfile looked like TH1F with bars, it was more correct, in the sense that each bins had right values and there were as many bars (with different values) as there were number of entries, but when I changed the fill variable from Time + dt/2. to just Time, bar problem got solved and I got nice TProfile with separated points, but some of the points got dumped in single bins, as a result, there were less points than actual number of entries/fills! In my case there were 10 points for 17 entries. I checked that, those specific bin contents were actually the sum of two entries! This is very weird!!! I don’t know what’s going on! Please advise.
Check out the figure below where I plot using both methods that illustrates the issue:

Blue triangle plot is produced by filling Time in the x-axis and bar profile is when I fill Time + dt/2.

The piece of code you provided cannot be run. “Board” is not defined. Can you provide a small macro, we can run, reproducing your problem ?

Hi Couet, thanks a lot.
Board” is the name of my tree, I think I should give you a small file too. I will try to provide a small working code along with a file soon enough.


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