Why I am getting long error bars?

Hello Rooters,
I am getting a few long error bars. This cause my plot looks weird.Cannot even see the shape of the plot.
What’s the reason for this or any way to get rid of these long error bars?

Here is my plot.

h_mppi->Fill(pipi_mass, model)

Could you please help me to understand this?

thank You

I guess @couet can give you the information you’re looking for

@moneta might know better, but could it be that the bins with long error bars are some filled only a very few times with some weight?

The large errors are caused by the fact that these entries are filled with a large weight. If you just want just to set the content for each bin, you can use TH1::SetBinContent instead of TH1::Fill or not plotting the errors, using the "hist" option when plotting.


Thanks for the answers. Should try these.