Why are header files in documentation incomplete?

Header files in documentation are incomplete. Why?

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What do you mean? can you give an example?

A lot of documentation is written in source files instead of in header files. Opinions are mixed about that: c++ - Is it better to document functions in the header file or the source file? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange
Note that documentation in the headers are not a ‘must’ for the user if the software is open-source, in contrast to other closed-source propietary libraries.

Instead, I suggest using directly the webpage ROOT: ROOT Reference Documentation or alternatively your F1 key in Qtcreator: Coding in ROOT with the horsepower of an F1 - ROOT

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Any way can you give some links to pages you think are incomplete ?

The are header files and when I look at them they stop before the end. I didn’t save the link, but I can find it again if need be.

Yes please.

I’m having trouble finding it. It was someplace I could browse through header classes.

No worry, I you find it again, post the link here.

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