Where to get TSpectrum.root data

I would like to learn using TSpectrum. I can find the code here root.cern.ch/doc/v608/group__tu … ctrum.html.

But I cannot find Tspectrum.root data for a trail. Could you please tell me where I can download it?

I used version 5.34. The code that I tried to run is Deconvolution.C

Thank you very much,

I have another question in using deconvolution function.

In example file, the response function does not change in whole spectrum, but in reality, the response function normally depends upon on channel (or energy in my case). How to use deconvolution with response source that relies on channel?

Thank you very much,

TSpectrum.root is here:
github.com/root-mirror/root/tre … s/spectrum