Where are the public class methods?

Consider this example:

TText *t = new TText(.5,.5,"Hello World !");

I would like to know something more about the function SetTextSize. However at root.cern.ch I don’t see this function neither as a method of TText nor TAttText.

Could you please explain?


SetTextSize is defined in TAttText here:

but it does not appear in the list of public methods, @couet does this happen because there is no doxygen documentation associated with it? Shouldn’t it appear anyway?

For the moment, I can just refer to the documentation that is in “Text size” in"

It is because of the doxygen version used to build the doc. 1.8.17 is used and does not show the doc for SetTextSize. If locally, on my machine, I use 1.8.18 then I see it (if I use 1.8.17 locally it does not show either). Doxygen needs to be updated on the machine used to build the doc.

Now fixed : https://root.cern/doc/master/classTAttText.html

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in root session you can do:

root [3] .class TAttText

to get info


Thanks Otto,
It was a real bug in doxygen indeed.

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