Where are errors in my file?

I can not run my file. I dont know where are errors in my file. Who can help me, please?
TGraphAsymmErrors.C (922 Bytes)
This is a error notification.

ROOT Version: 5.34
Platform: Win 10
Compiler: Not Provided

TGraphAsymmErrors *gr = new TGraphAsymmErrors(...);

BTW. Make sure that the very first character of your unnamed macro is a “{” (i.e. no comment lines before the initial “{”).


Thank you. Everything is fine. I still have a question.
In User’s Guide writen and it can run correctly. Can you tell me why?

gr = new TGraphAsymmErrors(n,x,y,exl,exh,eyl,eyh);


gr = new TGraphAsymmErrors(n,x,y,exl,exh,eyl,eyh);

was working with the oldold root 5,
root 5 used CINT which allowed many auto extensions of C++
It does not work with CLING which needs pure C++

This should be fixed in the user guide


Can you point the place in the User’s guide ?

4.4 Graphs with Asymmetric Error Bars

This is a link. https://root.cern.ch/doc/master/classTGraphAsymmErrors.html

Now fixed. It will be visible online tomorrow.
Thanks to have seen it.

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