What is the exact mean of weighting potential?

The class ComponentNeBem3d was used to calculate the weighting field and weighting potential between two plane electrode with 2cm space, the result of the intermediate position between the two plane is:
weighting field=( -0.00000000, 0.00000000 0.49638254)
weighting potential=0.04966208

it seems the weighting potential is less one order of magnitude than normal value.

I guess @hschindl can help.

I’ve forwarded your question to the author of neBEM. He will take a look in the coming days.

Here is the reply from Supratik (author of neBEM):

Fortunately, this is a simple issue of not taking care of a DC shift that is introduced into the solution to maintain total system charge zero.
To get rid of the shift, please modify the ComputeProperties.c.Towards the end of function WtFldPFAtPoint (ComputeProperties.c), potential is being evaluated as
*Potential = totPot * InvFourPiEps0 …
Please add the following lines after the pre-compilation directive block ifdef:
(*Potential) += WtFieldChDen[IdWtField][NbSystemChargeZero]; // respect total system charge constraint
This should take care of the problem.
I thank the user who checked the value of weighting potential and reported the problem.

The proposed fix has been implemented in this merge request:

Should be fixed now. Let us know if the problem persists!

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