What is the correct use of "TBrowser *"?

Hi everyone,
I am doing a simulation that generates a *.root file, to see the data and histograms I use TBrowser, but I realized that when I put a different letter at the end, for example “TBrowser j” , “TBrowser t” or “TBrowser b” I the number of entries in the histograms changes, why does this happen? what is the correct way to view my histograms.

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I would say that’s not possible. That’s completely independent.
May be @bellenot has an idea ?

Well, I would find that very surprising! The TBrowser variable name should not affect anything, except maybe if you have a variable with the same name somewhere else in your code or in the root file.
If it’s the case, please provide a way to reproduce this weird behavior

The issue was that the ROOT file was still being written by another process and opening subsequent web browsers showed more entries because the TFile was being updated.


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