What happened to colors in TH2D plots?

I am trying to understand how to make color plots of TH2Ds. I have done this a million times before, but for some reason now all I get is white where I would expect colors for e.g., TH2D::Draw(“colz”). I attached a very short code snippet that reproduces the problem. I can see colors for all kinds of other ROOT objects so I don’t think it is my display or X-windows install. Can you see colors when you run this?

I am running ROOST 5.28.00 and Mac OS 10.6.7 on an Intel Xeon. Maybe I am being obtuse, but I am quite sure this has worked for me before in 5.28.00 (though maybe not yet on my new computer).

TH2DColorProblem.C (120 Bytes)

You macro gives me the following picture on my MacBook. It looks ok.