What does the coltz option do (besides color)?


I’m not exactly sure of the effects of the TTree->Draw(“coltz”) option. When I implemented it, I suddenly have to save the histograms as different names. What I mean is that I have a function that draws from a TTree like this:

drawGraph(TTree *T, string title, string xaxistitle, string yaxistitle){
TH2F graph = (TH2F)gPad->GetPrimitive(“htemp”);
modify graph…

running that function multiple times to produce multiple graphs works fine until I had “colz”, and then I have to call each graph a unique name (something other than htemp).

Also, It looks like I loosing binning resolution when I draw with colz. That is probably supposed to happen, but is there a way to know what the resolution is, or change it?

Finally, are there any more side effects of what the “coltz” option I should know about?



COLTZ (COLZ with a “T”) does not exist.
Can you send me a little script reproducing the problem ?