Warning/error message while hadd-ing histos - is it safe to ignore it?


While hadding histograms, I do get this error

Info in <TAxis::FindBin>: Label SS is not in the list and the axis is not alphanumeric - ignore it

and I think it relates to this , L337

So, my question is, is this just a warning and I can safely use the merged .root files output, or that suggests a deeper problem and maybe the output is compromised ?


Hi @Alkass; I am inviting @couet to this topic. I am sure he can provide a more accurate answer than I would do.


It looks like you are adding two histograms with alphanumeric binning which do have the same binning. Up to you to decide if it is a problem or not if the label, “SS” is missing in one of the histograms.

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