WaitPrimitive and batch mode in ROOT 6

Dear all,

I updated my root version from 5.34 to 6.10, but most of my code running in batch mode are no more running properly because now they get stacked when I perform “WaitPrimitive” on a canvas.

Because I generally used TApplication, I tried to specify option “-b”, alternatively to execute the command “gROOT->SetBatch()”, but I obtained the same behavior.

I have also tried with the attached macro that I edited using one of a recent post on a similar problem, but this problem is still present, i.e. if we comment “gROOT->SetBatch()” and double click on TCanvas I get the message from cout, otherwise it is stacked before this message.

I am runnning ROOT 6.10.02 on Debian 9 64 bit with gcc 6.3.0-18.

Thanks for your help

wait.C (207 Bytes)

WaitPrimitive is waiting for a (mouse) event in ta Canvas. In batch mode you have no canvas displayed so no event can occur in it. So “using WaitPrimitive” and "Batch mode"appear to be somehow incompatible.

I just checked that your macro is stuck with ROOT 6 but not with ROOT 5 … I will check what has changed.

Dear couet,

thank you for your reply. Actually, having been a user of ROOT 5 for so long, I have always thought that this behavior was intentional. I found it quite useful because it enables the user to easily switch between non-batch (to make some debug) and batch (to execute long code).

Anyway, I will wait for your investigation.

Yes you are right. It should be working as you expect indeed as it was like that for so long. I am investigating the history of the modifications in that area to make sure I am not changing something which will make an other fixed bug reappears…

I just committed a fix in 6.10 and master. Thanks to have seen it. I will update the doc also.

Thank you, Olivier.

Your help was very quick and effective.


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