Visualisation remove Pad, OpenGL only

I’m developing a program which uses PyROOT/OpenGL visualization.
I found the ‘gl’ option to visualize my geometry in OpenGL (same as Option>View with> OpenGL) :


This statement ask the geometry to be drawn in OpenGL and the OpenGL viewer opens itself with its own window. However it still opens a second window corresponding to the canvas/Pad window. Is there a way to completely remove the pad window when I ask for a draw ?
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Are you using TGeo shapes ?

Yes i’m using Torus/Cylinder/Sphere/Box and Cone.

May be @agheata can help you.

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Hi, the viewer in the pad is entangled with the GL viewer as far as I recall, the second reuses some of the components of the first, so I don’t think you can get rid of that window.
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Thank you, i’ll keep both of them then :grinning:

You can also visualize geometry through EVE, see geom_* examples in tutorials/eve/.


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