Vertical labels

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I have plot a data from file in a TMultiGraph, then i would like rotate the x label from horizontal to vertical position. I know the LabelsOption work only with alphanumerics, infact the data from text file are only number, but the result it is :
Warning in TAxis::Sort: Cannot sort. No labels.

the code is similar this:

TGraph *gr = new TGraph (“data.txt”);

where is the problem?

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Alphanumeric labels work on histograms only. Not on graphs

For Graph there isn’t a methods for do it?

No, alphanumeric label work on binned data only (for obvious reasons). TGraphs are not binned

It is not possible change the x labels to transform it in bin?

You should create an histogram with the alphanumeric bins you need then fill it as you wish using the Y vector of the graph.

you may try the att macro
vertical_labels.C (488 Bytes)