Verbosity of RooFFTConvPdf

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I’m blurring a simulated dataset with a gaussian, and that all works well, but the issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop the terminal messages. This happens in the line

RooFFTConvPdf simConvPdf(“simConvPdf”, “simConvPdf”, ene, simHistPdf, gauss);

which leads to a terminal output of:

[#1] INFO:Eval – RooRealVar::setRange(ene) new range named ‘refrange_fft_simConvPdf’ created with bounds [0,10]

[#1] INFO:Caching – RooAbsCachedPdf::getCache(simConvPdf) creating new cache 0x7fd956d7c510 with pdf simHistPdf_CONV_gauss_CACHE_Obs[ene]_NORM_ene for nset (ene) with code 0

I am doing a minimization that uses the process, so this creates a slowdown. Is there a way to set the verbosity to quiet?


Dear @nicconflo ,

Probably @jonas or @moneta can be of help here.


Hi @nicconflo, welcome to the ROOT forum!

The verbosity of RooFit classes can be controlled with the RooMsgService class. There is also a tutorial on how to use it in C++ and Python:

This line from the tutorial is quite useful to inspect what is currently printed:


You will get this output by default:

Active Message streams
[0] MinLevel = PROGRESS Topic = Generation Minimization Plotting Fitting Integration LinkStateMgmt Eval Caching Optimization ObjectHandling InputArguments Tracing Contents DataHandling NumericIntegration FastEvaluations
[1] MinLevel = INFO Topic = Minimization Plotting Fitting Eval Caching ObjectHandling InputArguments DataHandling NumericIntegration
[2] MinLevel = INFO Topic = HistFactory

So you see that your INFO messages are printed by the message stream [1], as this one covers the Eval and Caching topics. To get rid of the info messages, I suggest changing the minimum level of that stream to WARNING:

RooMsgService::instance().getStream(1).minLevel = RooFit::WARNING;

I hope this helps!


That worked perfectly. Thank you!

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