I would like to use the Vavilov class.
What are the includes I need to use in order to use the Vavilov class ?

I would like to do something like:
Vavilov vav;
cout << vav.Mean(kappa, beta2) << endl;

and some similar stuff.
I’m using root:
Version 5.28/00a 21 February 2011

Thank you very much.

  • Mauro.

First of all the ROOT::Math::Vavilov class is provided in MathMore and you need to have a ROOT built with Mathmore. You can check if you have, it by doing :

root-config --has-mathmore

To build MathMore you ned to have a version of GSL installed in your system

Then you have two implementations of the abstract class ROOT::Math::Vavilov:
VavilovFast and VavilovAccurate. You can use them as following, the same applied for both:

#include "Math/VavilovAccurate.h"
// or  #include "Math/VavilovFast.h"

ROOT::Math::VavilovAccurate vav;
cout << vav.Mean(kappa, beta2) << endl; 

See also the ref documentation, … vilov.html

Best Regards