Using TColor funtions

I am trying to map charge values onto a color scale. I wanted to use some of the functions TColor provides but have trouble with some of those.

for example:
TColor::GetColor(161,161,161) works just fine
Float_t rgb[3]={1,0,0};
TColor::HSV2RGB(270-colcharge, 1, 1, rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]);
int col=TColor::GetColor(rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]);
does not. The compiler says HSV2RGB ist not a member function of TColor.
Same behaviour if I do this on the root prompt.
If I start root and type TColor::GetBlue() root crashes.
So what am I doing wrong when using these functions?


This function has been introduced in TColor very recently (Thu Oct 4). You should get a more recent version of ROOT. It was annouced in the last release notes: