Using ROOT with KDetSim to create 3D hist of cylindrical detector

Hi ROOT community,

I’m hoping someone is familiar with KDetSim. Its a package used to solve the Possion Equation and thus simulate the E field and track charge inside semi-conductors. I found a sample script on the KDetSim website and got it running on my machine. But, I’m looking to generate a cylindrical detector instead of the cube it produces. I’m brand new to C++ and ROOT and therefore the search to solve the mundane becomes an epic quest.

Couple of methods/classes I looked into were ‘ElRectangle’ and ‘ElCylinder’ but wasn’t able to get it running. Also, the ROOT class TH3 (which inherits from TH1).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

@couet can you please recomend something here?

The ROOT TGeo package will be the way to go.