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I am using Regex to search through a list of files for a select number of files, open the files, find a particular histogram and then layer the histograms on top and repeat this for different file combinations. I want to use TLegend to label each line in a plot. I am not sure how to add the correct file name for each histogram to the TLegend. This is the line I am having trouble with: Legend->AddEntry(h[i], Form("%s", BaseLabelPattern));

   std::regex Pattern("Mu");

    //Loop through the possible numbers for Mu%iMu%i
   for( int j = 0; j < 6; j++ ){

     //Define a dynamic TString with the base pattern
     std::string BasePattern = "Mu" + std::to_string(j) + "Mu" + std::to_string(j) + "Y" +     "[0-5]";
 //Now define the regeular expression for pattern matching
 std::regex PatternRegex(BasePattern.c_str());  //Looking for file names which match this.

 //Define a dynamic TString with the base pattern for the labelling
 std::string BaseLabelPattern = "Mu" + std::to_string(j) + "Mu" + std::to_string(j) + "Y" + "[0-5]";
 //Now define the regular expression for patter matching
 std::regex LabelPatternRegex(BaseLabelPattern);
 std::cout << "<Overlaying_Plots()>::   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Matching 'Y" << j << " <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<" << std::endl;
 TCanvas *Dummy = new TCanvas (BasePattern.c_str(), BasePattern.c_str(), 700, 500);
 //Define a TLegend for the Plots
 auto Legend = new TLegend (0.6, 0.6, 0.9, 0.9);    //x1,y1,x2,y2
 Legend->SetHeader("The Legend Title", "C");
 //Loop through files
 for (int i = 0; i < numFiles; i++){

   //Define a search match condition identifier
   std::smatch match;

   if( std::regex_search(, match, PatternRegex) ){
 std::cout << "<Overlaying_Plots()>::   Matched regular expression : " << BasePattern << " with " << << std::endl;
 f[i] = TFile::Open(File_Names[i].c_str());
 TH1D *h[i];
 f[i]-> GetObject(Histogram_Names[0].c_str(),h[i]);

 //add histogram to legend
 Legend->AddEntry(h[i], Form("%s", LabelPatternRegex));

 //Do nothing
 }//Loop end (NumFiles)

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Well, a std::regex is not a string… Please take a look at the example on this page

Cheers, Bertrand.


I’ve had a read over, I believe I should have something like

AddEntry->(h[i], Form("%s", match.str() )); ?

However, it doesn’t like that as it’s a string and not a char

I don’t know… Maybe something like: AddEntry->(h[i], Form("%s", match.str().c_str()));?


Yep that seems to do the trick. Thanks!

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