Using persian(farsi) words in Axis labels and TLatex

Hi dear experts,

i want to set Axis label and Tlatex text and Axis numbers using Persian(farsi) words and numbers,

is there feature to use Persian(farsi) words?

many thanks

With TMathText you can simply copy/paste the character you want to plot in the character string (the example on the TMathText doc shows it works for Chinese and Russian). I tried with Farsi (copy/paste a character from a web page) but it does not work. May be cause I do not have Farsi characters on my computer ?

dear couet,
i tried what you said, it works for Chinese and Russian, but did not work for Farsi,
i have Farsi characters on my computer.

i think this does not depend on what characters are exist on the PC because i do not have Chinese and Russian characters on my pc

Yes, I see the same as you. In that case I do not know what is special with Farsi…
I will investigate a bit.

I see this example.
If I copy/paste the two characters (are they Farsi ?) in a macro. Then I see them on screen:

void farsi() {
   TMathText l;
   l.DrawMathText(0.1, 0.5, "\\hbox{中文}");

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 11.46.01

@couet That’s Chinese / Kanji. [S]He wants Farsi.

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dear couet,
these are Chinese words,
this is an example of Farsi: انرژی

Ok … then I do not know. These characters do not show in TMathText. Also in my editor they appear (like on this web page) but they seem to be build several sub characters. When I move the cursor above them using the arrow keys they change. There must be something special with Farsi … I do not know.

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@couet The Arabic script is a right-to-left script. Can ROOT deal with it?

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No … That might be the reason.

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