Using lower command on subcripted symbols

I am trying to enter perpendicular symbol as a subscript in a TH1F object. Firstly, it looks weirdly aligned. Secondly, it’s vertical alignment isn’t changing despite using it in #lower[]{}. Can someone explain what’s going on? I tried using a different symbol, sigma, and there the alignment did change with #lower. Example code below:

void customizeHistogram() {
     // Create a TH1F histogram
     TH1F *hist = new TH1F("hist", "Example Histogram", 10, 0, 10);
     // Using #lower command on the subscript part only
    hist->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X_{#lower[-0.3]{#perp} #perp}");
    hist->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Y_{#lower[0.3]{#sigma} #sigma}");
     // Create a canvas and draw the histogram
     auto c = new TCanvas();

ROOT Version: 6.26.04

The way to do it is simply:


I am sorry for the confusion. What I want to do is write {#perp}T in the subscript. But these two are not aligned properly. That’s why I tried to changed the vertical alignment of #perp using #lower. As seen in the figure, alignment of #sigma changes but #perp.

Also, I don’t want to re-align T in #perp T as #perp is already aligned very low.


Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 11.34.31

What do you want to obtain exactly ? can you show an example ?

Something like the one showed in this figure. The T and #perp are at the same level here. But that is not coming out in ROOT’s hist->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X_{#perpT}");

   hist->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X_{T \\perp}");

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 12.32.11

Oh yes this works. Can I ask what exactly is happening here? When I use a different symbol like #sigma, the alignment is proper and also the lower command works on it. But when I use #perp, it is not the case.

The way I proposed use TMathText which is more LaTex like