Using latex to get Imaginary symbol in root hiistorgram titl


I am trying to use the equivalent of \Im in latex (i.e #Im) to get an imaginary symbol in my histogram title. Root seems to not translate the #Im, but all my other symbols are. I tried putting curly brackets around #Im and still see no effect. Does TLatex not support the full range of mathematical symbols availaable in latex2e? Or perhaps the notation is just different in TLatex and latex2e - if so how to I get the imaginary symbol?

I am using root 3.10/03 with gcc 2.95.3.



TLatex doesn’t support all the LaTex characters. You will find the TLatex characters list here:

I looked in the Leslie Lamport LaTex book index and could not see the \lm symbol. May be I missed it.