Using DrawFrame and Axis Titles

I am having a problem getting axis titles to appear after using the DrawFrame command. If I do not use c1->DrawFrame(…), the X and Y axis titles appear as expected.
However, I need to expand the axes beyond the data.
I have tried issuing the commands in various orders but with no success.
After searching the forums I could find similar posts, but not a solution.
My code and data are attached. I am using ROOT Version 5.28/00c.

Thank you for your help.
xsection_data.C (3.49 KB)
XSecData.txt (17 KB)

auto c = new TCanvas();
auto frame = c->DrawFrame(1,0,2e6,150);
frame->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X title");
frame->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Y title");
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