Use RooFit::Cut with RooSuperCategory

I have the following setup:

RooCategory cp( "cp", "CP Tag" );
cp.defineType( "plus", +1 );
cp.defineType( "minus", -1 );

RooCategory flv( "flv", "Flavour Tag" );
flv.defineType( "B0", +1 );
flv.defineType( "b0", -1 );

RooSuperCategory tag( "tag", "[flv X cp]", RooArgSet( flv, cp ) );

A bit later, I’m trying to plot the different categories seperately, naturally I expected this

to work as expected, however, the code terminates with a segfault:

Edit: Is guess I should add that calling

RooTable * tb_tag = ds.table( tag );

prints the expected number of entries per sub-category.

Is this a bug or is my expectation wrong? If this is a bug, is there a workaround (other than the one I’m using now, which is listed below)?

For the moment I’m using

but given that there exists such a thing as a super category I’d really like it to work as the normal category does.