Use of the THelix class


I am trying to use the THelix class in order to draw particle tracks in a magnetic field.

I have a number of track parameter which I could use to draw my tracks, but I could not figure out how to match them to the parameters needed by the THelix class.

I NEED, according to the class description:

  • initial position
  • initial velocity
  • angular frequency
  • helix range
    I HAVE:
  • initial position
  • helix range
  • initial momentum
  • radius
  • center coordinates in xy plane
  • curvature
  • B field
  • charge
  • all important angles

I would really appreciate if s.o. used it before.


I dunno if it’ll help you … but you may have a look at $ROOTSYS/feynman.C

sorry ist doesn’t, i already checked before… I am looking for 3D drawing…

Ok, may be $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tornado.C ?