Use GetConfidenceIntervals with TMinuit

Hello, I used Tminuit to fit a set of data (maximum likelihood fitting). I have plotted the fitting function based on extracted parameters with estimated errors. My question is how I could use GetConfidenceIntervals to draw a 95% confidence interval band around the fitting curve ?
If you have a successful macro for this, could you please share it with me ?
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Does tutorials/fit/ConfidenceIntervals.C help?

Thank you. In ConfidenceIntervals.C, fitting was not done with TMinuit. I have not figured out how to use GetCOnfidenceIntervals together with TMinuit.
In 2012, someone asked the following question, but nobody replied. I do not know if the problem was solved or not. I got the same problem when I followed his way.
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This is a old post

I want to use the GetConfidenceIntervals function using TMinuit. Below is a short example of what I’m trying to do. I know where is my error, but i don’t know how to get it work. Is it possible to obtain the confidence interval with TMinuit? Do I have to compute it manually?


TMinuit* minuit = new TMinuit;


TGraph gConf = new TGraph(50); // the graph which holds the contours TVirtualFitter* tvf = minuit->GetFitter(); //This doesn’t compile… tvf->GetConfidenceIntervals(gConf,0.95); // 95% confidence interval

//Instead of the 3 lines above I also try the following but I get a
//Break - Segmentation when running.

TVirtualFitter* tvf = TVirtualFitter::GetFitter(); TGraph gConf = new TGraph(50);

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