Upper limits with RooStats in the real world

Hi all

I have a very basic (perhaps stupid?) question. I would like to place some upper limit based on real data, some MC based background and signal estimate (+ signal eff. lumi etc…).
So three TH1 histograms one of each of the above. From that I would like to do a simple counting experiment and place an upper limit on my signal.

As simple as it sounds, I have great difficulty finding a good example on how to do this with RooStats.

I don’t really care about the method for now (and I guess that the modular way RooStats is constructed means I don’t have to care yet), but if someone could help me a bit I would very much appreciate it.

P.s. I’m aware of the roostats “tutorial” files, but it’s the connection to my good old ROOT analysis histograms/real-data that puzzles me the most… #-o

Thanks in advance!