Updrading ROOT 5.34 to 6

I want to upgrade my root version from 5.34 to 6.
My configuration is
Pentium® Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz with 2GB memory, 300G HDD and Ubuntu 16.04.
Would this all be suitable for this version?
How to upgrade ?
Thank you

You can download the new version from the Download page:

Or install it from the source following the recipe given in the “Building” section of this page:

After un-installing the previous version, I downloaded the newer version and extracted it. When I am going to re-install, it is installing the previous version again. What can I do?
Thank you

if you download one of the “binary distributions”, you do not have to do any extra installation step. You can simply set your environment to point to that ROOT installation calling source path/to/root/source/bin/thisroot.sh (or similar commands if you use a different shell than bash, where path/to/root/source must be substituted to the directory where you have extracted the binary distribution.

If you downloaded the “source distribution”, then you have to compile ROOT yourself (I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really have to), in which case you can follow the building instructions here. It is pretty much a normal compilation procedure using cmake, in case you are familiar with it.

Cheers !!
It worked…
Thank you

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