Unwanted vertical lines in TH1


I just started using ROOT and I want to read some data from a file and create a histogram. However I found that there are some vertical lines in the histogram and I want to remove them. How can I do that.

Also is it possible to set the range when I fit the histogram. Say fit only x>2, while showing all the data.

Thank you.

run01.txt (11 KB)
hist.cpp (529 Bytes)

remove :


Thank you for your reply.

I may not be clear enough, I don’t mean to remove the grid, what I want is to remove the blue lines that pass through marker.

h1->Draw(“HIST”); // “HIST” or “HIST P”



This solved my problem, thank you

[quote=“Pepe Le Pew”]Try:
h1->Draw(“HIST”); // “HIST” or “HIST P”[/quote]