Unwanted mesh/grid over TGraph2D plot

When drawing a TGraph2D using “CONT4z” the plot is overlaid with a mesh of thin white lines, how could I remove these? Also: Is there a way to remove the white borders from around the plot?

I think you get this when you view a pdf file ? right ? some improvement was done in the past to avoid this. This is a bug with some pdf viewers (“preview” on mac for instance) when the antialiasing is on. Which root version are you using ? which pdf viewer ? do you have a reproducer I can run to check if the problem is still there in the latest ROOT ?

ROOT version 6.10/09
pdf viewer: Evince (standard Ubuntu pdf viewer)
Any TGraph2d plot produces this.
You’re probably right about this being solved in a later root version, and I don’t need this anymore anyway.
Consider this solved.

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