Unregular labeling of the X-Axis

I have the following problem. My graph is defined at 4 points (100, 1000, 2000, 4000). Therefore I would like to have only these 4 labels on the X-Axis. But sadly I have no clue to do that.

Additionally I have again problems with circular markers (Thats why I use asteriks). They are visible when I compile the file but are not drawn in the .tex file. This is extraordinary bizarre, since when my graph had 5 points, they where visible (This was the last question I had here).

Again here is the file, together with the data.
original.C (4.4 KB)
4000_stats.txt (42 Bytes)
2000_stats.txt (41 Bytes)
1000_stats.txt (40 Bytes)
100_stats.txt (39 Bytes)

Our graphics expert @couet will be back on Monday, I will let him comment on your issue.

You need to use the ChangeLabel method described here:

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