Unbinned fit in bins

Hii @jonas,

I have a 2D weighted histogram (Md0 and Md0pi variables) in my ntuple and I tried to do the binned fit of the Md0pi variable in the 200 bins of Md0 with the following script:

fit_d0pi_binsNew_twopdf_check.C (10.0 KB)

it is working fine.

But now I want to do the same with an unbinned fit (i.e. unbinned fit of Md0pi in the 200 bins of Md0).

Can you please suggest this?



If you want to do an unbinned fit you would need to use the RooDataSet instead of RooDataHist. You can fill the RooDataSet directly with the data from your ntuple. See for example this RooFit tutorial


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