Unable to Fill Histogram Style with Errors using TAttFill

I have a simple code, that I tested for SetFillStyle(3144), works great, but if I enable error bars it doesn’t work. Is there a way around for this ?

void test(){ TH1D *h = new TH1D("h", "test", 100, -10, 10); h->FillRandom("gauss", 1000); h->SetFillStyle(3144); h->SetFillColor(kRed) h->Draw("e") // doesn't work ! Without "e", yes it works. }

Try … ->Draw(“HIST E”);

It works for me with the root master. Which root version are you using ? do you have something special in you rootlogon.C ? can you try to start ROOT with option -n ? note that “gauss” is not valid: It is “gaus”