Unable to draw interactive plots using jsroot magic command in jupyter

I can draw static plots (with %jsroot off) but not the interactive ones which require magic command %jsroot on. whenever I use the on command all I get is a lot of white space but no plot.
Screenshot attached:

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ROOT Version: 6.24.0
Platform: Ubuntu 18
Compiler: Not Provided

@linev may have an idea about it.

Hi @sarthchoudhary ,
how did you install ROOT? And if you open the browser console (e.g. with F12 in Firefox) are there errors in the console?


Hi @eguiraud
Here is a screenshot of error which I see in chrome console

Thanks @sarthchoudhary ,
that indicates a problem with the loading of jsroot.

I think @etejedor or @linev might be able to tell you how to fix it. How did you install ROOT? When you install it via e.g. conda everything should be already set up correctly, if you compiled ROOT from source or otherwise installed manually there might be a missing step.


The JS console says JSROOT can’t be loaded locally (that’s a bad sign, indicates that there is something wrong with the installation / environment).

Can you try starting Jupyter with root --notebook?

Hi @sarthchoudhary,

How you start jupyter?

There is something wrong with jupyter configuration.
ROOT 6.24 should use latest JSROOT version 6.0, but from the console one sees that version 5.9.0 is loading. This is wrong.


I did conda install root in a separate conda environment.

root --notebook open old style jupyter notebook ( not the new jupyter lab). jsroot works in there. I guess I can work with this.

I can start jupyter lab from terminal by with this command

jupyter lab

Could you try latest ROOT 6.24.04 - there were several small fixes concerning usage of JSROOT under jupyter lab

That seemed to worked, everything is working now though console is still showing error but this time it is referring to set jsroot to jsroot 6.1.
All good.
Thanks everyone for help.