Unable to apply a cut in RooDataset

Dear Experts, I ma trying to do a 2D simultaneous fit and I want to create 2 separate samples by applying a cut. I am trying to do it like:

RooDataSet *dataxy_d0 = new RooDataSet(“data”,“data”,tree,RooArgSet(mKK,mD0pi,pisoft_charge),Cut(“pisoft_charge==1”));

But it does not seem to work and I am not sure what I am missing. The messages that I get is:

Will you please help?
In case you want o refer, you can try to run the macro: simFit_KK.C in this folder:
simultaneous_fit_forum.tar.gz (2.6 MB)

Maybe @jonas or @moneta can take a look

Dear all,

This is how it worked. The line should be

RooDataSet *dataxy_d0 = new RooDataSet(“data_d0”,“data”,tree,RooArgSet(mKK,mD0pi,pisoft),“pisoft==1”);

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