Two set of axis labels on the same axis?

I’m wanting to make a plot similar to the one attached.
I have my data in two categories (1) All Data shown in red, and (2) data with cuts, shown in blue. I have two TGraphs (grAll and grCut). I draw grAll(“AP”) followed by grCut(“PSame”).

I define the axis labels by:
grAll->GetXaxis()->SetBinLabel(grAll->GetXaxis()->FindBin(x), “Label”);
grCut->GetXaxis()->SetBinLabel(grAll->GetXaxis()->FindBin(x), “Label”);

for each label. But I do not see my grCut lables.

I want to put x axis labels in blue under the red labels and aligned with the blue markers, like Exp1 Cut, Exp2 Cut, Exp4 Cut.

Can someone please point me to the relevant ROOT page or give a brief example?

Thanks in advance.
PlotComp.C (2.37 KB)
Plot.pdf (27 KB)

When a graph is drawn on top of and existing one, the labels are not redrawn.
To do what you want you should make a transparent pad on top of the first pad and draw the 2nd graph in that pad like in … pad.C.html