Two different Binnings


I am trying to visualize some data from a Geant4 simulation using the TBrowser, and whenever I try to adjust the binning of the histograms, I get one of two options, shown below:

I get to these options by selecting View->Editor on the window, and then clicking on the sides of the bars of the histogram.

I am not sure why I get two different binning options, but I prefer the one on the right, since I can generate more than 100 bins. The one on the left will not allow me to visualize more than 100 bins.

The only way I have been able to get the binning style on the right is when I exclude some data from collection in the simulation.

Is there some sort of option I could use so I can increase the binning to more than 100?

Thank you

ROOT Version: 6.26/10
Platform: Ubuntu 9.4.0
Compiler: Not Provided

Dear @Ian_L ,

I hope @couet can shed some light on why two binnings are different based on the options chosen, maybe there is some way in code to fix the option. I would meanwhile suggest to start by using TH1::Rebin to select the number of bins you want for the histogram.


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I am not sure how you got the one on right. Can you provide the two histograms ?

@couet Here is the link to download the files:

The file labelled 2e7evt should be the graph on the left, and the one labelled 2e6evt should be the one on the right.

I did the same steps to get the binning options for both graphs, and somehow got two different option sets to appear. Thanks!

Also @vpadulan I have been learning more root, and I was able to rebin these graphs to my liking. Thank you for your help!

Although I fixed my problem, I am still curious on why I have the two different settings.

The explanation is in the TH1Editor source file at line 65.

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Interesting. I got this data from the same Geant4 simulation, but I ran the one on the left with 10 times more events. I am not sure why it would draw the two graphs in two different ways, since they both use n-tuples.

Thank you for the explanation!