TWbox Border Modes

Hi, I have a few questions & opinions about TWbox.

  1. The documentation for the border modes should be at the top of the reference page AND in the Set/GetBorderMode methods, not just in the constructor documentation.

  2. There should be a bordermode where the border is drawn “outside” the box instead of “inside”. To explain: the current modes take the x1,y1,x2,y2 coordinates as the outer coordinates of the TWbox, and the border fills towards the inside. I say we should have a mode that draws the border towards the outside. This would be more convenient if you want your TWbox to frame some feature of known size on the canvas, regardless of bordersize.

  3. There should be a bordermode where the border is just drawn with a single color. Currently there are 3 modes: -1 and +1 which try to draw some 3D effect right out of 1997, and 0 which apparently makes the TWbox behave like a TBox (1 pixel wide black border). I really think the mode “0” should draw a solid border with the selected colour and size, but probably it needs to be a new mode for compatibility.

  4. The TWbox class is missing the drawing methods for “NDC” coordinates. (lower priority, I don’t need this myself right now).


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